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Lapidary Equipment

All Lapidary Equipment subject to small changes by the Manufacturer.

# 594--8 IN.--Expando drum unit

With Four 8" x 3" Expanding Drums Four Station 8" Expando Unit Features: Heavy duty ball bearings, neoprene sealed and greased for life Cast aluminum pans and hoods with water valves and drains Speed control with 8 RPM changes 1/2 HP, 110V heavy duty motor The angled expansion slots through the rubber rim of the expando drum allow it to expand when rotated, thereby locking the belt in place. The drum surface flexes to gemstone contour to quickly remove grinding flats and the belts cutting action quickly removes scratches. Accessories include four 3" x 25 7/32" sanding belts and v-belts guard. Unit comes fully assembled and mounted on base with instructions and guarantee. Size 36"L x 24"W x 14"H SHIPPED TRUCK FRT. COLLECT---WT--140 LBS

Item: 1740 Price: 1,450.00  

8in. Grinder- Polisher with 8 in. expandable drum

The 8" grinder is an excellent machine for grinding and polishing stones. With two hard wheels and one expandable drum, this unit will quickly shape and polish work pieces. The angled slots through the rubber rim of the drum allow it to expand when rotated, thereby locking the belt in place. The drum surface flexes to the contours of the gemstone quickly removing grinding flats and scratches. The hoods are easy to remove for cleaning or changing wheels. The water valve takes 1/4" OD plastic tubing for gravity water flow or 1/4" copper tubing for pressure systems. Spray nozzles under the hood wet the entire wheel face.

Model no. 752SGP --Grinder polishing unit
Modle #752 -- Grinder-Polisher Silicon Carbide Unit (includes 1/2" bore Vari-drive pulley), 1-expandable drum, 1-3"x25-7/32" sanding belt (400 grit) and 1-8"x1"-14RH aluminum head with leather disc, sample kit (polish powder,brush, dop sticks and wax), instuctions, and 1-1/3 H.P. 110 VOLT HIGH TORQUE MOTOR---Ships by truck freight collect Wt.-122 lbs.
Item: 9526 Price: 1,300.00  

Model #754DGP -- Grinder-Polisher Diamond Unit
The 754 unit has the same basic features as the 752 with silicon carbide replaced by diamond abrasives. Unit comes with 2-8" x 1 1/2" metal bond diamond grinding wheels (100 & 220 grit), 2-3" x 25 7/32" diamond cloth belts (400 mesh & 1200 mesh) and, for polishing on the leather disc a 5 gram syringe of 50,000 mesh diamond compound with a 2 dram bottle of extender fluid (thinner). Grinder-Polisher comes complete with sample kit, book about using diamond abrasives, instructions and guarantee (motor sold & shipped separately)--wt. 140bs..Ships by truck freight collect WT.140lbs.
Item: 9528 Price: 1,500.00  

# 400--Heavy Duty Grinder-Polisher

Model No. 400 (less wheels) Will take 10, 8 or 6" Wheels or 8" expando drum Option: Either end of the shaft will hold an 8" X 1" - 14 thread vertical disc-with a wheel or drum still mounted Versatile two-station grinder/polisher 1"X18" shaft with heavy-duty neoprene sealed ball bearings Cast aluminum pans and hoods 1/2 HP, 110V, Hy-torque motor Accessories Included: Flanges, nuts, drive pulley, v-belt & guard, water valves & drains Hoods remove easily for cleaning or wheel change Water valve takes 1/4" O.D. plastic tube for gravity water flow or 1/4" copper tube for pressure system Spray nozzles under hoot wet entire wheel face Unit comes with instructions & guarantee Comes fully assembled and mounted on Lam-I-Cushion base Size: 25" L X 24" W X 15" H Shipping Weight: 70 lbs

Item: 1790 Price: 845.00  

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