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Grobet USA

Grobet USA™ is the world's largest manufacturer, supplier and distributor of tools, supplies and equipment to the jewelry industry. --- ----BERNIE'S LAPIDARY SUPPLY CO. has been a distributor of Grobet USA for many years.---For a free copy of the Grobet USA Jewelry making catalog call-1-800-847-4188 or E-mail is of the GV99 Catalog, but the catalog you should recieve is the new 2005

Barranca Diamond Products, Inc.

Barranca Diamond Products, Inc. 18205 S. Broadway Street Gardena, CA 90248 Phone: 310-523-5867 Fax: 310-523-5869 E-mail: Diamond Products manufactures top quality and affordable lapidary trim, slab, and drag saws.-----Barranca Diamond Products, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of notched-rim lapidary diamond blades in the United States.---The manufacturing facility in Southern California produces diamond blades and lapidary equipment (saws, grinders, and polishing units) using the highest quality materials for commercial and hobby lapidaries. The products are sold worldwide exclusively through authorized dealers. Bernie's Lapidary is one of those


Ameritool offers Quality Lapidary Equipment, Machines to Saw, Grind, Polish and Finish Gemstones at an Affordable Price. As a Family Owned and Operated Business, Excellence in Products, Service and Customer Satisfaction is our Goal.------AMERITOOL, INC. 915 MERCHANT STREET, SUITE 3 REDDING, CA 96002 PHONE (530) 223-2031 FAX (530) 223-2639 E-Mail: Web

LORTONE, inc.--Professional Lapidary & Jewelry Equipment

From basic Rotary Tumblers & Stone Slab Saws to Jewelry Polishers and Dust Collectors - We've been making our own durable, performance-oriented equipment for the Lapidary, Jewelry and Metal Finishing trades for over 40 years-- Bernie's Lapidary Supply Co. has been a distributor for Lortone Lapidary Equipment for over 40 years. To contact Lortone--425.493.1600 (tel)--- 425.493.9494 (fax) or E mail

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