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Lapidary Equipment

All Lapidary Equipment subject to small changes by the Manufacturer.

Covington Automatic Vibrating Lap

Takes all the work out of lapping. Just load, start & walk away The vibrating lap is designed to abrade and polish automatically. The inertia of the heavy rock slab holds it relatively still while the lap pan vibrates underneath. This action replaces the circular rotation used by conventional lapping machines. Our new design and grooved plate gives you faster cutting. Bumper ring prevents gemstone damage. Pad insert enables work piece to be polished in the same pan. One thumb screw releases pan for easy cleaning. Comes complete with 110V, 60 HZ motor, polish pad, bumper ring, instructions and guarantee.

Model No. 392 --10 in. Vibrating Lap
Item: 9314 Price: 375.00  

Model No. 394 --12 in. Vibrating Lap
Item: 9315 Price: 425.00  

Model No. 396 --16 in. Vibrating Lap
Item: 9316 Price: 495.00  

Extra 10 in. polish pad
Item: 9318 Price: 6.25  

Extra 12 in. polish pad
Item: 9319 Price: 7.95  

Extra 16 in. polish pad
Item: 9320 Price: 10.00  

10 in.Extra Lap Pans
Item: 9321 Price: 80.00  

12 in.Extra Lap Pans
Item: 9322 Price: 99.00  

16 in.Extra Lap Pans
Item: 9323 Price: 140.00  

Item: 11332 Price: 6.25  

Item: 11333 Price: 6.75  

Item: 11334 Price: 7.95  

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